Mohawk Analysis

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

Mike's Contenders

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing

Monday June 14

Race 1

(6) Dealin With Dewey flashed a 27/3 kick in July which prompted a Gold try. Bust there but two straight Qs here with no hopples inspire. (1) Yum has shown talent in qualifiers just needs to put it together. (8) Faxoflife Hanover is another that looks ready and finishes well. May not get the front from this post vs these foes. (4) Jula Magician looks to have improved from last year and is worth a look from off the pace.

Race 2

(6) High Gear No Fear is faster than these and races well off layoffs. (3) Hawaii got good in Harvest series last year but could need a start. These are tougher. (2) Imextraspecial won 223k at two but busted at even $ In the super final. Not the goal here. (1) Spruce Creek has recency and kicks well most races. Sits and rolls late. 

Race 3

(3) Downers Delight returns out of a 54/1 Q. That will be faster than they go in here. Was facing tough one in Harvest. (5) Between I N U has two solid Qs with consistent kicks. Price look now. (8) Global Crush is a share type that was driven aggressively on 6/3. Worth using now as a three year old. (2) Take a Gamble looks ready for barn that can have them ready first up. Both Q solid. 

Race 4

(8) Miss Rockadali is a rocket away from the car and lands Henry and a suspect bunch. (7) Kiwi Focus has tons of back class and a willing Q for her return. (3) ER Rhonda is capable of big miles usually on the outside rail at the finish. Quirky type needs to stay flat. (2) Rear View lands in a claimer after checks at Rosecroft. Consistent type tries hard. 

Race 5

(1) PL Ozzy won going 49/3 at M1 on 5/15. Won here earlier this year and this isn’t a tough group. (7) Control Heaven made $ here at two and has a big kick. (9) Flash Cube is another that made $ at two and has prepped for this. (4) Century Heineken was very good here in March flashing speed. Needs more vs choice. 

Race 6

(9) On The Sly has recency and tough trips at Scd. Henry plus Budd plus price equals interested. (4) Caviars Triumph has a solid Q and a win at this tag last time he was in for one. (3) Cloud Nine Hanover popped a blowout at Rideau in Q but only has 1 race since 2019 (he won it). (1) Slip Into Glide has 741k on the card. I’m ok with that. 

Race 7

(3) Southwind Avenger drops and draws well after even Q. Went 51/3 last year. (2) Teddys Littleangel never seems to win but has found a group she’s supposed to beat with any trip. Q was solid but it was in March too and $ burned. (8) Musical Spell finds a way to get checks vs these and should finish up. (10) Horse Trader win 66k last year and has a prep. 

Race 8

(4) Next Big Thing returns for Mcintose after 55 Q and Henry is on for main man. (2) Jimmy Connor B likely gets hammered on the board with those massive final quarters at M1. His win was here, does McNair move early? (1) Southbeach Hanover had no chance at Pocono in last. Better post now could be close early. (3) Lovemyrockinbird made $ vs AB breds. This is tougher but two preps flashed speed. 

Race 9

(2) Treasured Tee has been in quick tough races at M1 and has been on an every week schedule. Back home in a Preferred without the main contenders. (7) Zig Zag also has recency but last three don’t inspire. (8) Perfetto always seems ready and was facing better than these in Feb/Mar. Post hurts him. (5) Superlative qualified well and winner came back to win easy Saturday. Capable with a trip. 

Race 10/11 + multis

Race 10

Bautista won well at Pocono 5/22 then faced stakes foes 5/29. Drawn perfect and
his speed plays very well now. (7) Memo was very sharp for Burke at M1 moving
up the ladder. Another returning home that shows speed. (10) Wild and Crazy guy
nabs Henry after ok prep and his speed can gain position from this draw. (5)
Muscle Fashion was racing well at HoP until he hit the Open. This is no easy
return spot. (6) Donatover is fast when flat but difficult to trust. 




 Pick 5

1468/6/3/78/147 $24 for $1


Pick 4

78/17/13469/237 $60 for $1


Late Pick 5

13469/237/24/2578/46 $48


Late Pick 4

237/24/257/46 $36 for $1