Mohawk Analysis

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

Mike's Contenders

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing

Saturday January 22 2022


Race 1

(6) Kissinbythebeaches comes out of the best races and has early speed. (1) Kount Blaster just missed two back then kicked 28 from a tough spot. (5) Hesincontrol raced even in last at big odds. This is a better spot. (7) Peter Poole went to Auciello and tried speed again on a step up. Possible off best. 

Race 2

(4) A Boy Named Suuzz is better than these right now. Same bunch. (5) Goldinthebadlands won four straight then got picked off last week. Speed again. (1) Devils Peak has closed well in last two. Short field keeps him closer. (6) Mach Impact was better in last. Could push Gold early. 

Race 3

(4) Hone the Tone needed last and kicked 28 to grab third. (2) Mystic was favored in that race. Draws inside now, needs more. (6) Princesspartypants Is forever sharing at this level. Draw and setup help. (5) L Dees Patrick adds lasix switches bank to JMac. He’s fast but quirky. 

Race 4

(9) Settn a Precedent has a big brush. Lost to hottest horse at the track right now in latest. (3) Tuggingoncredit has three straight sharp races at this level. Was inside pylons in latest but with pace. (6) Mystifying was very sharp in latest. Tons of wins on the page. (2) Laura’s Love won off the drop, class to share vs this group. 

Race 5

(2) Points North drops after closing tries at the top level. Fits better here. (10) Commanding Officer has five straight in quick time. Steps up after missing a week with tough post. (5) Cold Creek Cabo is another dropper with a big brush. May get lost on the board here. (3) Jimmy Freight won from off the pace in latest. Now steps up. Price low again. 

Race 6

(3) Sportsline flashed speed in latest at big odds. He has back lines at upper levels. (8) Nickle Bag is third back, keeps JMac, has 1.2 million in class. (4) Major Custard has rallied twice from tough spots rarely wins but can share at a price. (9) Pointomygranson drops, can grab a spot early. 

Race 7

(6) Gold Edition was favored here 12/27 and just missed then busted 1/3 and finds himself back vs similar. (4) Horse Trader lost to well meant winner 1/13 at the bottom. (10) Fit Bit’s last two were duds but prior two lines play very well. (1) Sombre gets JMac after a few weeks off. He always finds himself vs these types. 

Race 8

(1) Wheels on Fire was a well driven winner at this level 1/15 and just loves to win. (3) So Much More lacked room in latest, has been in exacta in last four Preferred. (5) Woodmere Stealdeal is certainly acclimating well here. Big talent and seems to be getting better. (4) Uhtred has two straight with stellar drives. Closer dangerous with a trip. 

Race 9

(7) That’ll Be Sporty’s last three make him very tough here. Late kick makes him very tough. (3) HP Napoleon gets a big drop from top ones. He’s better up close. (6) Mustang Beach crushed that claiming series but is fast enough to share vs this group. (2) Fabrizio just beat a level below these. Similar trip equals chance. 

Race 10/11/12 + multis

Race 10

(5) Machdavid needs a setup but could get it here. Was favored against these but put a long way in last. (3) Arukidinme Cabbie has four straight exacta finishes and is always a good price. (6) Capitano Italiano has been knocking at the door recently. Perfect draw maybe better trip. (2) Saratoga Blue Chip lost to well meant winner in claiming series final. Speedy type needs to finish.

Race 11

(7) Speedy Dominic is supposed to beat this group. Blasted vs upper level in latest. Lots of speed to chase here. (5) Sometime Somewhere has a kick just can’t quite catch the last horse recently. (4) Harambe Deo will take $ here after acclimating mile 1/15. New driver could change style. (1) He’s Swift keeps trying every week getting different trips.

Race 12

(3) Highlandbeachlover has been in very tough recently. Needs a wake up. (5) Traceur Hanover flashed his speed vs better but couldn’t last. Another drop do the trick? (6) Outlaw Aceofspades I chased for weeks. Another that has beaten better and could be closer early. (4) Lancaster Bomber didn’t exactly respond to lasix in last. Rebound possible. (2) Rock N Zeus is a closer that needs a setup to gain a share. First time JJ makes him a use on the bottom.


Pick 5

1456/4/245/2369/2510 $28.80


Pick 4

2369/2510/389/14610 $28.80


Late Pick 5

389/14610/135/37/35 $28.80


Late Pick 4

37/35/457/35 $24 for $1