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Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

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Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing

Monday August 15, 2022


Race 1

(8) Maddigal lost to a well meant winner 8/8 and now looms chalk vs this bunch. (5) Century Isabella showed speed in that race and finished up slightly better. (1) Niki Louder just won at the River at short odds. Inside draw should keep her close. (9) Mara Lou has been making moves in races just not sustaining. Not impossible with a meltdown. 

Race 2

(6) Tuggingoncredit usually wins off these drops. Last at Geod was a prep to fit this condition. Likely has to beat (8) Chiefs Dream Girl who draws wide again. This is easiest bunch she’s seen in awhile. (2) Exotic Dragon has been finishing up but not producing her usual wicked kick. That may show up here. (1) Outlaw Imahotvixen is sharp again. She finds ways to get checks and make $. 

Race 3

(6) Combs Hanover benefitted from driver switch 8/8 and his class showed up. JD sits behind again and I’m thinking he’s more aggressive here. (4) Dream Nation puts in his usual rally and looks ready to win vs this bunch. (2) Amazone Duharas is quirky and lightly raced. Q was a blowout for new pilot. (3) PL Opportunity tried to blast 8/8 but faltered. She’s possible off best. 

Race 4

(9) Mrmayor Hanover was a fast winner 8/1 then was in very tough 8/8 and didn’t disgrace. Post could help price. (6) Southwind Domino failed at 1-2 on return. Seems better from off the pace. (7) Rosie’s War Bonds always tries hard she just struggles to win. Speed coming. (5) Kevin Anthony is a closer that draws better. I’m thinking he rallies. 

Race 5

(7) Thundering Jim has won here in the past Kat comes out of tougher races than most. He has seven wins this year. (8) Galterio Hanover is having a consistent year. Speed coming but needs a trip. (2) Shadow Me TheMoney draws inside and gets Day to drive. She’s very tough in these races, horse lacks a win this year. (4) Easy Flyer is another that likes to win. Driver seeking first win this year. 

Race 6

(6) Big Ace certainly gave himself a lot to do in latest but got up. He’s the best of these style just creates angst. (1) Yarm rolled late in that race which was fast compared to other division. Odds and driver gone. (3) Sir Lucknow tripped out to win 8/8. Needs more to beat top two. (5) Aladdin Du Lac is getting better with these connections. Likely one to catch. 

Race 7

(7) Julerica just keeps blasting these in fast time. New barn needs to keep him rolling. (3) Modern Rock lands in a claimer and gets Henry. Has back lines and times that fit. (4) Bettor Notbitter has thirteen wins past two years. He’s capable of he’s close late. (2) Outkast Blue Chip won this race a month ago. Needs a meltdown but it could happen. 

Race 8

(6) Southside Eddy was huge 7/23 then something amiss at Geod. I think he needs to get on track here but won’t single in multis. (2) Yourtheone lacked room 7/23 here then ripped off a few wins at Geod. (3) Petipou tries every week. Kicked 27/1 in last losing to well meant winner. (7) Mr Beast has been in tough last two. He’s much better at this level. 

Race 9

(7) Fashion Frenzie keeps winning and it’s the same bunch. (6) Forbidden Trade had the trip in last but couldn’t catch. His class is undeniable. (1) HP Mama B blasted that group 8/8 when 2nd lasix. She’s capable of big efforts. (5) Oney Hall needed last, stayed flat and Henry gets the best out of him. 

Race 10 + Multis

(7) A Boy Named Suuzz is second off the Lester claim. He’s won fifty races and eight this year. (4) Legal Bettor woke up in last now JMac rolls back to drive him. (3) No Time at All moves to big track and inside. Sits and rolls late. (1) Grand Poobah drops second back off sick scratch. He’s more a share type. (6) Pirate Hanover goes well at this level and for McNair. I feel like he’s over bet.


Pick 5

158910/268/246/9/247810 $45


Pick 4

9/247810/156/37 $30 for $1


Late Pick 5

156/37/236/7/347 $54 for $1


Late Pick 4

37/236/7/347 $18 for $1