Saturday March 25, 2023

Mohawk Analysis

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

mike pribozie's Contenders

Race 1

(6) Nulli Secondus doesn’t have to improve much to beat these. Speed day two, now solid preps with one blowout win. (2) Captains Pick showed ability prior to gait woes. Qualified well so maybe problems are now figured out. (5) Jayport Lexus debuted with nominal support despite connections. Needs more. (1) Sky Low Low was better in last hanging in until late. This is tougher. 

Race 2

(2) Points North gets back to proper level and away from two studs. Should get a prime trip from this draw. (5) American History drops and gets McNair so that equals blast and roll. (6) Sometime llSomewhere beat these then missed a week. Pilot there lands on (7) Backstreet Gambler. He steps up again looking for his ceiling. Big test here. 

Race 3

(6) Tour Champion is better than these right now. 26/3 kick in last and runner up came back to win. (4) Profundo blasted in latest and was parked. Change in tactics encourage that a top effort could come. (3) Red Coin improved in last splitting foes to win. Could be biggest threat to choice if he continues to progress. (9) Sporty Bob got picked off in last by well meant foe. Capable but style is changing vs these. 

Race 4

(8) Last Beach added lasix in last and was able to last vs tripped out foe. I think he leads these a long way too. (7) Sports Fan and (5) Emmett’s Buddy both need used in multis because they’ve faced tough ones and have kicks. (4) Codename Cigar Box could win this if he finds himself but that’s no guarantee. Torched a ton of $ since return. 

Race 5

(8) Sermon stayed flat and went 53/2 in leg two for red hot barn. What will trip be from this draw. (4) HP Mama B went from dud first start back to 26/4 kick 3/13. Her class and post for sharp barn make her the one to beat here. (9) Locatelli was another that righted things second up. His class can carry him. (1) Itstimetogohome has found a huge kick in this series and Mcnair stays put. Look for him late if he replicates. 

Race 6

(3) Northern Cardinal debuts for top connections after chasing blowout qualifier. Three year old should beat these if ready. (2) Tarquinius Hanover was good enough to make the Dream Maker Final at two. Preps for this look adventurous. (1) Indigenous Hanover has been off since 2/4 where he improved. These are tougher. (6) Control the Smile comes out of fast races at big odds. Plenty of chances. 

Race 7

(8) Nautical Hanover is hard to pick against given last two impressive wins. Can win with any trip. (2) Ario Hanover had no chance in last but flew late. Post will equal aggression. (3) Momas Son Byrne was much better in last vs lesser. Shows up in the box and that gives him punchers chance. (10) Commanding Officer brought his rally in last finally. Sit and race for luck Late now at huge odds again. 

Race 8

(7) William Hanover never looked a loser 3/18 and faces the same bunch. (3) Gandolf the Black returned well now steps up and gets JMac. (1) Whammer Jammer is third back after improvement. Needs someone to challenge choice early. (5) Better Sunset was up close in last but didn’t offer much threat late. 

Race 9

(7) Highlandbeachlover is having tough trips vs better horses. 2/18 line wins this. (8) Hesincontrol is another dropper that was beating better not long ago. Needs an up close trip. (4) Bettor Than Spring was aggressive in last but couldn’t hold late. He’s in play if able to roll early. (3) Pipewrench Charlie is the closer here. Hit and Miss but Cullen back. 

Race 10-13 + Multis

Race 10

(7) Dr Joe interests me again because he’s been facing better foes that don’t come back to him. (3) Let’s Tie One On was stellar on ship for Cullen and could have found a home on big track. (1) Going Fast was tough a long way vs these in last but couldn’t hold winner. (5) Joe Dimagio took all the $ in last but didn’t hit a home run.

Race 11

(8) Capitano Italiano gets back to big track after two rallies at Flam. JMac says it’s go time. (1) Simon Says Hanover draws better and drops. (6) G A Speed Sammy chased toughie in last at huge odds. Speed again will serve well. (9) Final Cheeserecipe goes well for Mcnair. He’s fast enough to beat these.

Race 12

(7) Uncontrollable gets a better spot coming off of live races at Flam. (6) JJ Tommy has won three of four with off the pace rallies. (5) Tuf Cooper is hit and Miss but was better 3/18 after needing to qualify. (3) Joe Rich got hammered off the drop but had no excuse.

Race 13

(6) Sun Chip is sharp right now and gets easiest bunch in awhile. (8) HP Momentum looms every week then flattens. Trip will find him eventually you’d think. (9) Southside Eddy hasn’t been the same since return. He won seven last year, let’s see what McNair can do. (1) Jack Panic has beaten a few of these this year and certainly fits for exotics. (3) Magical Arthur returns with two qualifiers after stakes last year where he made 126k.

Early Pick 5

256/25/36/578/48 $14.40

Early Pick 4

578/48/1234/28 $48 for $1

Middle Pick 5 (6-10)

1234/28/7/478/137 $14.40

Late Pick 5 (9-13)

478/137/168/67/6 $10.80

Late Pick 4

137/168/67/6 $18 for $1 

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