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Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

Mike's Contenders

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing

Wednesday December 23 NIGHT

Race 1

(7) Day at the Gym looks faster than these with last Q kicking 28/3 to pull away. This was after six months off. Will get bet but hard to trust. (5) The Price was 5.80-1 on debut but second tier bust derailed that. Let’s see. (3) Financial Day had no chance with drive/shuffle in last. (10) Fortune Tellers K has had chances but can’t quite break the maiden. Possible here. 

Race 2

Tough race with lots of strugglers. (9) Needlecrest is no stranger to this track and has eleven wins this year. Speed coming. (3) First Car raced well here in latest losing to perfect trip winner. McClure off though. (6) Bad Boy Sproxy has been rallying at Flam from far back. (5) Sportsmanship gets new digs and first Auciello. Camera shy type could blast these but price will be too low to care. 

Race 3

(5) Aphrodite Duke is a speed type in a race full of closers. Has missed over a year so hard to trust. (10) Tuckers Out switches back to Henry and now draws inside. Needs a trip but can roll late. (1) Talahasse Seelster has been right there last three and will always be a price with his driver. (7) Tom D Baker is better than last. Rallies late for a share. 

Race 4

Real Wicked has been against it last two and gets a setup here. Henry drives just needs room. (8) State of Play needs things to go his way but recent form fits here. (10) Black Smile was large 12/17 but post could hinder front end
type of trip now. (3) Oh K Man likes this track and can win with any trip. Twenty One wins last two years. 


Race 5

(2) Premier Joy was sharp here earlier this season and Q 12/11 was very good. Couldn’t overcome outside post 12/20 but will be up close here. (10) Isitfirdayyet was chalk vs better 12/12 but raced even. Chalk again but not exactly jumping off the page here. (4) D Gs De Vito hasn’t done much this year but has checks last two at the level. (5) Arukidinme Cabbie has had great trips recently. Chance with a trip. 

Race 6

(10) Sheswildnfree is faster than these right now. Post shouldn’t deter early move. (9) Jula She’s Magic has been chasing that one and has made a lot of $$$. (4) Gab in Motion steps up after sharp races last three. (5) Charlotte Chaplin has a price look at this level getting Young back. Needs to stay flat. 

Race 7

(1) Dreamfair Moxy has shown no early speed recently but has kicked late. New driver can have him closer. (4) American Virgin draws better than he has in awhile. Does New driver get him moving early? (10) Sam’s a Champ was out early 12:19 off the drop. His kick is sharp but that’s when he sits. (7) Radley Hanover has two straight claiming wins. Steps up but many here are struggling. 

Race 8

(3) Totally Ripped has two straight rallies at London now gets big track and Roy. Price look. (1) Dunbar Hall has been off since August has a 56/4 Q and gets the bottom here. Will be very low on the board. (5) Xtatic Hanover gets a drop after solid shares at London. McClure also an upgrade. (9) Fit Bitt was up close 12/18 in a race that fell apart. 

Race 9

(2) Lyons Liberty has been in tough last two. Went a back half in 54 in latest but could only mange 6th. Easier spot. (8) Windsun Azar has a big kick. Even race with 26/4 kick 12/18. (4) Make It Come True is another dropping out of stake. Sat and kicked late. (6) Mission Bay needed last. Capable of big speed early could get the jump on the closers. 

Race 10

(6) Wannashakeyourtree has been sharp since arriving with two separate trips. Looms large again. (3) Village Artist has been in the exacta with that one last two. Those two look the uses in multis. (8) Farmgirl Tough hasn’t had the best year but hits claimers for the first time. (9) No Where to Hide is a share type that suits JJ perfectly.

Race 11

(2) I’m the Muscle has been off a month but this is a huge drop. Adds lasix. (8) Nothing But Muscle was getting checks at upper levels here. Drops and rallies. (10) Trix and Stones is another closer that fits on class but leaves himself a lot to do. (4) Magic Night went a long way 12/18 losing to well meant closing winner. Can share.

Race 12

(8) State of Mind is hard to pick against because she hasn’t lost and improved in second start. Steps up but this isn’t that tough. (4) Trizzle Trazzle is drawn well and shares with late rallies. (9) Lainie Hanover has shown talent but is lightly raced and wide. (7) Twin B Dream Girl has two straight wins with speed tries. This is tougher. (6) Joe’s Beauty switches circuits to top barn. Q was ok.


Pick 5

35710/359/124510/348/210 $72


Pick 4

348/210/10/147810 $30 for $1


Late Pick 5

10/All/135/2468/36 $48


Late Pick 4

2468/36/2/8 $8 for $1