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Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | First Post 7:05 p.m. ES

Mike's Contenders

Woodbine-Mohawk Park Racing

Friday April 2

Race 1

(6) Chiefs Beach looked a winner 3/18 and got picked off by repeater. No chance last with that post. No excuses now. (8) Spectrum Seelster blasted at Flam from the outside and won easy 3/28. Two back line vs choice was solid. (4) Beach Baby Bee was crushing prior to claim. Needs bounce back. (7) Portrstownchris IR has been drifting in the stretch but right there late.

Race 2

(5) Alexus Eh switches to sharp barn and Henry after two decent claiming tries. Protected now vs strugglers. (2) Teddys Littleangel has made big $ and always gets bet. McNair now needs to put her in the race. (3) Morally Flexible was better in last vs tougher ones. (1) Norwegian Dad gets new connections again. Has been taking $.

Race 3

(1) Beyond Better has been very sharp since returning with four straight wins. (6) Captain Video was better 3/27 but needs to find more vs choice. (3) Cold Creek Cabo hasn’t been quite the same as in the fall. Capable of sharing. (5) Bee Two Bee has nw5 lines and is faster than the rest.

Race 4

(10) Village Artist drops back to claimers second time Auciello. His claiming lines fit vs this group. (6) Hallsglensmavis has won two straight at the level using his speed. Same bunch. (2) Rockinwithcustard has two straight checks at this level and now a better post. (9) Saulsbrook Flashy has had wide trips from bad posts at Flam. Fillion now.

Race 5

(9) PL Idaho was roughed up after the claim now switches to Cullen. Capable off best at a price. (1) Veneno is racing very well close to the pace. Driver switch will help price. (10) Jaydens Place won three straight, last was a setup. Hard to leave off tickets. (3) Leader Tonight typically makes $ here at this level, draws well should finish up.

Race 6

(4) Rose Run Victory will be 1/5 vs these off drop. (10) Man Dontforget Me returned here last week vs choice and kicked 26/2. Credible threat. (1) Laila Blue switches to Henry. Racing well vs dominant series winner. (9) Filter Hanover is another that Has shown up in series getting checks.

Race 7

(7) Never Mind I’ve been chasing last two. This is a much easier spot. (8) Southwind Avenger has back class and likely needed last. (6) Wild and Crazy Guy walked home as the chalk off the drop 3/20. Old man can win but has two toughies in here with him. (3) HP Bruxelles won seven races last year and can get a check with her speed.

Race 8

(7) Don’t Stop Believin is third back after blast but stop 3/26. Front wasn’t exactly the place to be that night. (3) Twin B Tipster wasn’t bad on return now faces similar. (10) Lyons Tilt Hanover just missed vs tough foe 3/26. Won 94k last year. (6) Kay’s Shadow returns to big track where she’s excelled in the past. Price to fill in exotics.

Race 9

(6) Major Occasion wasn’t activated until late and (7) So Much More was driven perfect 3/26. Those two again on the wire. (3) Gias Surreal lacked room there and could threaten. (5) Ivana Flybye has been very sharp since returning but faces the best of the best again.

Race 10/11 + multis

Race 10
(7) Furiosa gets a big drop. Won eight races last year. (5) Miss Rockadali has blasted early last two then was shuffled. I’m expecting aggression the entire race. (4) Pickles on Top goes to Auciello now after toss line. Prior three wins play well. (6) Vines to Heaven seems to get bet but has a hard time winning.
Race 11
(9) Catch an Ace returns to big track for Cullens second lasix. This one has faced better in the past. (2) Lovely Donna went 51/3 here last year, Qualified well 3/25. (3) Whistys Paradise blasted in latest but was run over late. McNair sticks. (7) Goodnight Irene is second lasix needing more at short prices. (1) Dress to the Nines has 51/2 mark at this track and Coulter doesn’t have many drives.
Pick 5
4678/25/1/126910/137910 $40
Pick 4
126910/137910/4/67 $50 for $1
Late Pick 5
4/67/3710/67/4567 $48 for $1
Late Pick 4
3710/67/4567/29 $48 for $1