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mike’s Contenders Hambo day 8/6/22

Race 1

(5) Billy Clyde – nose short of five straight with fast times

(8) Speedy Dominic- near misses at prices, lacked room in last


(4) Virgo – gets a setup at a price


(3) Sly Eleanor N – has a big kick, likes to win, gets a setup

(5) Watch Me Now N – back class


(6) Drama Act – better on small track buy classy


(1) Atlanta – Hambo Queen just beat these, likely gets similar trip

(2) Bella Bellini – chalk hard to hold off


(6) When Dovescry – loves this track, price will entice some


(3) Testing Testing – loomed in Elim but faltered, drop will help rally

(7) Andoverthewinnings -likes to win, big track now


(1) Justice – drops away from top ones


(5) Carter Michael Deo – airborne late in Elim, starting to figure it out

(1) Kilmister – fave has yet to lose


(4) Upstaged – closer would love a setup at big odds


(3) Delilah Hanover – has faced better and grabbed checks

(8) Lilbitalexis- needs to get on track and time that move


(2) Monkey Queen – steps up, moves inside


(6) Max Contract – hard to deny late again with so much speed here

(7) Boudoir Hanover – speedy, classy and tough


(9) Treacherous Dragon – has lost shine, needs to find early season form


(3) Mad Max Hanover – getting good right now, won’t be favored

(6) Beach Glass – Pace champ will be tough again


(4) Fourever Boy – big track helps him, price is right


(7) Test Of Faith – so fast and consistent, can overcome any trip

(9) Lyons Sentinel – woke up in last, so much back class


(2) Mikala – draws well, has beaten chalk here before 


(9) Rockyroad Hanover – no Bulldog makes him the one to beat

(1) Abuckabett Hanover – no excuses with this draw


(6) Catch the Fire – gets a better spot, needs a trip


(1) Hillexotic – gets big track, inside draw and speed to chase

(2) Amigo Volo – hes won 1.7 mil, could trip out


(9) Take All Comers- checks in big spots all year

RACE 12-16 & Multis

Race 12

(3) Warrawee Xenia – hard to fault Elim flash, Bob says she has more

(5) Venerable- fave needs best to win this

(4) Manon- speedy type can trip out at overlaid odds

Race 13

(6) Mambacita – 27 kicks in first two starts, aggression now?

(2) Royal Filly- has been bet in both starts, Dex sticks

(1) Una Madonna- closer can roll by again

Race 14

(5) Ecurie D – back after first loss here, Q says ready to rumble

(4) Alrajah One – another freak from overseas

(2) Ambassador Hanover -sneaky type can grab a share

Race 15

(1) Rebuff*(Best Bet)- Uber talented, fast, tactical, deserving favorite

(5) Jiggy Jog – filly needs another off the pace trip

(8) King of the North – big talent just needs to put it together

Race 16

(4) Whitecookie – big drop, perfect draw, no excuses

(1) Imaginary Line- three straight exacta finishes

(9) Hail Christian- closer draws wide again, rallies

Late Pick 4 (Race 12) is the play of the day Keying (1) Rebuff in the Hambo and spreading in Race 13 while using obvious contenders in races 12 & 14

35/124567/45/1 $24 for $1

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