Kevin Plowcha’s and Jeff Zidek’s Daily Selections

Kevin Plowcha (@PlowchasPicks)

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Kevin Plowcha's Picks

11/29 Picks:


Best Bet: R6: #7 JUST ZIP IT 


Value Play: R10: #1 TRUE SEELSTER 


Race 1: 1-3-6-7

(#1) JUXTA MILLIONARE has raced well in back-to-back starts and (#1A) TAKE A CLOSER LOOK had reason to tire after being off a month and first over on an off track. Tough to go against the entry here.


Race 2: 2-7-1-4

(#2) KUPER TROOPER handled the big jump in class last week after a second over trip. It’s another move up but I think she can hang with these, especially with an inside draw.


Race 3: 4-6-5-2

(#4) TROYCEN was surprisingly bet down to the favorite last week but couldn’t quite catch Wickenburgh. I expect Charlino to push again and try to wire this short field.


Race 4: 4-5-1-2-9

(#4) SOME DANCING STAR ships in for a trainer that has limited starts but good finishes. Many of these would need to step up to win here.


Race 5: 8-3-7-2

(#8) CASSARIANO raced extremely well last week coming first over after the horse in front of her made a break. She may be looking for cover this week and could explode off it to rally by late. 


Race 6: 7-6-2-9

(#7) JUST ZIP IT got a much better trip last week with Palone on. He sticks, expecting another good effort from her.


Race 7: 2-3-9-5-8

(#2) MARI dominated her first qualifier for the new connections. I’ll go to her despite the time off.


Race 8: 2-6-5-4

(#2) COME ON SPANK ME needed one after seven months off. Wrenn on now, might be go time in a short field.


Race 9: 8-6-4-3

(#8) TEQUILA TALKIN showed his versatility after flying home late to just get up last week. Unless the track is off again, I expect Wrenn to send once again this week.


Race 10: 1-7-4-9

(#1) TRUE SEELSTER raced well first over against tougher last time. She’s facing older but dropping to a bottom condition and could be live off a helmet.

Race 11: 2-1-7-6

(#2) AUNT BEE should be forwardly placed off the drop just like she was two back. Looking to finish it off this time.

Race 12: 1-3-8-4

(#1) SPORTSBOOK HANOVER should be better this week since she’s getting back into a regular rotation. Inside post helps.


Race 13: 5-1-3-6-7

(#5) STORMONT VENTNOR was forced first over against a tough Warrawee Whisper on the slop. I think he’s closer today off the drop and can get it done.


Multi-Leg Wagers:
Middle Pick-4: (Races 5-8)
378/7/239/2   $9.00 for $1.00

Late Pick-4: (Races 10-13)

1479/2/138/5   $6.00 for 50¢