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Wednesday 4/27/22



Mike Wandishin Picks Continue June 25 Scroll Down👇🏻

Mike Wandishin 6/25/22


Race 1: 2-5-3

2 THE WALL – Used hard early, back out at ¾ refused to go away and just missed a head in a big effort. Aways competitive from an inside post.


Race 2: 7-5-6

7LUNAR – Racing well this year, close but no cigar adds Lasix which might make the difference.


Race 3: 4-23

4 JACK QUICK – Huge speed figure in last race, been racing well for a while. Going to break thru soonand gets call at a short price.


Race 4: 2-5-1

2 ROLLIN IN NEW YORK – Won for $30K at PcD, hasn’t come back to that last few but gets an inside post after a fast merry-go-round effort in last.


Race 5: 5-3-9

5MEME HANOVER – Was 1st over and challenged but shaken off while holding the show spot. Picks up Myers and will be heard from especially from 5 post.


Race 6: 9-1-4

9COOP A LOOP – On a sloppy track he got the lead, rated the ¾s and rocketed home to score in 1:56.2. Can’t imagine this race will go much quicker


Race 7: 1-4-8

1 PALERMO HANOVER – Faced stakes foes in 4 of 5 starts this year and ITM 3 of 4 tries. Rail, Wilder, Daley and looks difficult to defeat here.


Race 8: 5-1-3

5SOLARCTIC Won for $7500 to $15,000 in 3 starts, does not face anything else that’s won for 15K and gets post 5. Hard to go past.


Race 9: 6-1-3

6 JAHAN HANOVER – Just went a little too quick in last, still fired a good race and tired late. Going to the absolute best effort to beat him and drew well so will have options at the gate, if he needs them and Palone is a huge plus.​​


Race 10: 1-7-3

1 NEEDHAM HANOVER – Woke up in 2nd start off layoff, just missed on a big try. Gets in on AE and from the rail should be a major danger.


Race 11: 1-5-6

1 – BOMB HUGGER – Been in stakes in 4 of 5 starts this year and shows a win in last and has gotten small shares in the rest of his stake starts. Should be better than these.


Race 2 Pick 4 @$.50





Total $ 13.50


Race 4 Pick 5 @.20






Total $ 16.20

Race 7 Late Pick 4 @.50





Total $ 13.50