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Tues Aug 11


7) DOUBLEONTHEROCKS Nice qualifier. He looks ready, even from the outside post

3) TWISTED BLISS Shows the most speed in the group but will try to stay flat today

5) GOOD TIMES AHEAD Sat behind my top pick in prep. Might need a start

9) OF GREAT WORTH Definitely good enough if he can overcome the post


8) THE ROYAL QUEEN Has been doing it easy so far. I can’t bet against

7) RUSH TO THE BANK Looks pretty good but second best

2) ITS SO FLUFFY A string of minors finishes. I see no different here

1) OH DANNY BOY Looks the same as my third pick


4) TWILIGHT SUNSET Crushed last time and was Rick’s choice to drive again today

6) MAY DAY MAGGIE Will need a trip to get by my top choice

3) MARCED IN FAITH Has plenty of talent and experience. Just needs a little more

2) MIBWEST KID Inside draw will keep him close for a small piece


8) IT’S A HORSE Will be coming late. There’s too much early speed in here

2) AL MAR BONBON Good form and quick enough. Can he get a trip today?

3) SB FINE AND DANDY Driver change, inside post, covered trip will have him close

7) MD MAGIC Always in play. His form isn’t that great right now though


1) LAST FLIGHT IN N Second time Lasix after an easy start. I love the value here too

6) AMASA ARION Early speed with good form. Always a must use

7) PULL THE SHADE Makes sense to be close again. The trip might not be the same

4) CENALTA DIAMOND Raced ok last time. Just a minors player again


1) MOTU MOONBEAM N Was excellent in her local debut. A repeat effort wins this

5) BAIA’S DELIGHT Should work out a nice trip in this spot. Good value player

7) CAPITOL HILL Needs to get close enough. She can rock home with a setup

3) BERTHA VANATION I honestly don’t know what to do with this horse


6) MURDER MYSTERY Race sets up for a closer and he’s gonna be flying late

7) BUNKERHILL PHIL Always close and always needs to be used

2) TIMETOPLAYTHEGAME Big post improvement will have him looking for the pocket

8) MY FRISKIE BOY Very sharp form but he might have a tough time today


8) BORDOGNA Can’t pick against him until they get close to him

7) MANDEVILLE Settles for the place spot again

6) MAGIC MVP Showed a good outing last time. Good minors player again

4) PRIDECREST Likely looks for a trip again. Just using underneath


9) LOOKSLIKEWEMADEIT Will be firing on the class drop. Nick drives again as well

2) WINDMEUPNWATCHMEGO Second time Lasix. She’s better than she’s shown lately

1) SELMA O’BRIEN Has talent but will have to avoid coming first over today

4) DW’SBLISSFULTHINKN Fast enough but might need one over the surface

5) SWEET VIVIAN Always looks to suck along. I see that again today


4) PLACE AT THE BEACH I see a pocket trip to roll by today. Loving the value here

3) FRISKIE’S ANGEL Has early speed but just needs to finish better. A soft half helps

8) BRIAN’S MAGIC GIRL New barn today. The post is the only drawback

9) EXSQUEEZEME Known for beating me at big odds. Tough draw

5) ROAR HANOVER First time here after sub-par efforts in Ohio. Use underneath

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Early pick 3

3,7/8/4,6 $4 for $1 ticket

Early pick 4

8/4,6/2,3,7,8/1,6,7 $12 for 50 cent ticket

Pick 5

1,3,5,7/2,6,7,8,9/7,8/2,9/3,4,8 $48 for 20 cent ticket

Late pick 4

2,6,7,8,9/7,8/2,9/3,4,8 $30 for 50 cent ticket

rod's Contenders