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Saturday October 3 DAY OF CHAMPIONS


8) COATOFMANYCOLORS Showed speed and willingness to beat good ones last week. Very slight edge

1) THE ROYAL QUEEN Regained some confidence in Iowa. She looks to be a one way horse

3) ITS SO FLUFFY Close every week and should be moving toward the lead early

6) AL MAR BLISSFULL Sits and follows to grab a small piece


1) RUSH TO THE BANK They haven’t been close yet so I can’t go against

3) OH DANNY BOY Improved efforts recently but still not enough to win this

2) AL MAR BRAGEN STAR Is the trip horse. A mishap from the big fave makes him a contender

4) ICE TITAN Needs a trip but is learning to go quickly


2) MUFFIN TOP Very green but has speed. I like the value from this post

9) MAY DAY MAGGIE Obviously the one to beat. Post is the only downside

1) OF GREAT WORTH Offers value from the inside. She just has to keep her mind on task

6) SHES A SHOWSTOPPER Pretty consistent but had everything her way last time. Just ok for me


1) AL MAR REBA BABE Has the back class and the rail. Longo is firing today

3) TWILIGHT TINKER Must use again after chasing better. Tough to leave out of exactas

4) AL MAR BONBON Gets Brady on the ship back to Aces. I’m using thinking she trips out

2) WHATEVERSHESGOT Should sit inside and suck along for a minor share


1&1A) ENTRY Heard is the big threat being at the top of the division. Tough to beat again

8) BEAUTIFUL BEAST Definitely quick enough and looks to have the breaking solved. I’m using with value

6) SD ELIMINATOR Odd one to figure out. He looks like he should get a nice setup

4) AL MAR LOVIE DOVIE Following cover will be his M.O. today for an exotics play


6) TWILIGHT SUNSET Keeps the top spot today. He was against it last week and I like the potential fractions

5) ALILTHUNDADOWNUNDA Makes sense here but there’s just no value after the win

1&1A) ENTRY Have experience at Aces and are definitely fast enough but will need trips to upset

2) SD WATCH ME NOW Has been an exotics player most of the season and looks to be peaking now


5) SUSIE’S SISTER Comes in off of a good race and will show her best in here

1) SB MADAM SECRETARY Seems to be over the breaking issue and we know she’s plenty fast enough

4) TEACHMEHOWTOTORY Always in the mix. The short price steers me away a bit

8) MISS GRACIOUS Outside post really hurts her here. Using underneath


4) ITS PACIFIC TIME Runs away from this field again

1&1A) ENTRY Hufta has been solid all season and looks second best again

2) SCARLETT RUBY Post doesn’t hurt and she’s in peak form

5) D VIGILANTE Doesn’t beat these but usually shows up on the board somewhere


3) ITS A MARCS WORLD Domination!

4) BUNKERHILL PHIL Dominates the second spot

6) NOTHINBUTAGOODTIME Will have to leave the rail today if he wants to be third. Not much value here

2) GET MY GOOD SIDE Just needs to stay pacing. The speed is there to hit the ticket


1) MD MAGIC Slight nod from the rail after an easy trip. This is his time to shine

2) SB FINE AND DANDY Always up close but has to finish better. Still a use

7) FRENCH ECLIPSE The fastest but this post really makes life tough today

4) BRINGOVERTHEMONEY Shows up in big races. The setup might be perfect so I’ll throw on top


5) BERTHA VANATION Got stuck inside last week and bravened up for this bout. Slight edge

3) WINDMEUPNWATCHMEGO Facing easier after a tough trip. The form is just ok but definitely the fastest right now

6) PLACE’N FIRST Should get a nice trip following live cover. Is she close enough?

9) EQSQUEEZEME Seems to pop at big prices and that could be the case if they go fast enough early

1) RELENTLESS DANCER Way off form but gets the rail and should suck along the whole way


1) MARKTENTWENTYSEVEN Taking a price here. He’s in good form and I think Brady fires hard

6) STUCKEY DOTE Tons of class and will be right there the whole way

8) SB BODACIOUS Must use again. The post hurts as he will get used hard early

9) WHATCHYASTARINAT Stands a step above the rest. Just an exotics play from out here though

3) WATCHMENEIGHNEIGH Hard-trying horse. Tough spot but I’ll throw on for minors again

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